Most Active Protestant Churches in America

Protestant churches in America today consist of hundreds or even thousands of different denominations that have roots from the Reformation movement that occurred around the 14th to 16th century. Even though there are many denominations, the beliefs and doctrines follow the basic Christianity rituals and beliefs that were derived from the Catholic Church.

Protestant believe in God and Jesus Christ, the messiah who died in order to redeem all sinners back to the righteous path.

Below are the most active protestant churches in America.

  • The Baptists

They are composed of one of the largest and most diverse group of Christianity that is located in the US. The Baptists are known to have insisted on freedom of thought and expression. Apart from that, they have always insisted on their members to have the absolute autonomy among the local congregation.

The Baptist congregation is bound together by a strong rope of “sand” especially when it comes to certain doctrines and principles which are based on the competency of an individual in matters pertaining to faith.

Baptist believe in the general principles of faith that is the inspiration and trustworthiness of the Bible, the rule of life, the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the inherent freedom of persons to approach God by themselves.

  • Lutheran

The Lutheran church is the direct descendant of an ancient and medieval church that is believed to have been started by Martin Luther during the reformation period. The church is known to retain the traditional sense of participation among its people plus the traditional lithurgy which was revised according to the Protestant biblecism.

The Lutherans are known to be devoted to sound doctrine that was systematically developed and expressed through thoughtful preaching. For Lutheran’s, faith can be described not as the subscription to the dictates of the church but the heart’s utter trust in Jesus Christ.

Lutherans are known to maintain that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it’s the rule and standard of faith and practice.

  • Presbyterian


The Presbyterian history can be traced back to the 16th century during the height of Reformation and the formation of Protestant movement. Unlike the Lutheran church that was started by Martin Luther, the Presbyterian faith is believed to have been started by one of the founding members of Reformation; French lawyer John Calvin. This occurred during the period of 16th century and the writing’s of the founder have crystallized much of the Reformed thinking.

The believers are distinct in two ways namely: they are known to adhere to a pattern of religious thought that is known as Reformed theology and a form of leadership that usually stresses the active, representational leadership of both the ministers and church members.

  • Anglican

Also referred to as Episcopalian, the church traces its roots to the origin of the Church of England which severed its relationship with the Papacy during the Reformation period. The church believes in two sacraments namely baptism and eucharist. They also believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ especially in the elements of the Eucharist.

  • Mormon

The Mormon faith is widespread in the US and their beliefs include God is the Heavenly Father and he loves his creation and wants them to return to him. The church also believes that Jesus is the Son of God and through the atonement of Jesus Christ, humanity will be able to to return and live with the Father in Heaven.

In conclusion, there are several protestant churches in America and they are known to draw members from all parts of the country. Even though Protestant separated from the Papacy during the reformation period, some of the churches still practice some beliefs, rituals and doctrines held by the Catholic church.

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15 Interesting Facts About Protestantism


There are many presumptions made about Protestantism, and the question is how many of them are true. Here we will examine 15 interesting facts and challenge you to see how familiar you are with the religion.

  1. One reason for the evolution of Protestantism is that the Catholic Church wanted to keep the services and text of the Bible in Latin. It was a 1,000 year tradition. Protestants believed that the Bible and services should be written and performed in the language of the country where the services were held. The reason was simple: to allow the people in church to understand what was said.
  1. Though martin Luther gets significant credit for starting the alternative choice for Catholic belief, his real intention was simply to fix the problems with the existing Catholic Church with his 95 Theses.
  1. The impact of the Protestant “revolution” affected not only religious values and norms, but political, intellectual, and cultural values throughout Europe..
  1. Protestants rejected the widely held belief of Catholics that celibacy was to be preferred to marriage.
  1. Despite the common perception of Protestantism being a revolution, the word “protestant” originally meant someone who was a witness to an event rather than the idea of opposing someone or something.
  1. Marriage became a battleground in the conflict with Catholicism as Protestants saw the purpose of marriage to be a public control of morality, since it was to restrict societal sexual sins such as prostitution, and advanced the virtues of love and self-control.
  1. Gutenberg’s Printing Press shares in the expansion of Protestantism as Luther and other advocates were among the first to use it to propagate their ideas to the general public.
  1. Protestantism reduced the number of Biblically required sacraments to two compared to the seven of the Catholic Church, those two being baptism and communion.
  1. Though religion generally gets a bad reputation when it comes to education, the response ofo the Catholic Church to Protestantism was one that made the people more literate, educated, and obviously, spiritual.
  1. A European war of historical proportions, the 30 Years War, was the result of Protestant and Catholic political states clashing over their beliefs.
  1. The 30 Years War actually lasted 30 years, but the war in this political state of the Holy Roman Empire resulted in Germany losing almost one-half of its entire population.
  1. There are five Latin phrases (solas) that sum up the main tents of Protestantism. The English meanings are by Christ alone, by faith alone, by Scripture alone, by grace alone, and for the glory to God alone.
  1. While Martin Luther is often seen as a hero to many Protestants, he basically was a marked man after posting the 95 Theses on the door of a Catholic church. Those who set out to kill him were not church authorities, but secular. The powers-that-be of the Holy Roman Empire issued an order that anyone could legally kill Luther and there would be no legal consequence for their action.
  1. A recent Pew Research study showed that while the United States is seen to be largely Protestant, currently less than half of all Americans identify themselves with Protestantism.
  1. In the 114 Congress of the United States, both the Senate and House of Representatives are comprised of about 55 percent of elected politicians who declare themselves to be Protestant.


Protestantism has literally been in a battle for its survival since Luther’s posting of his 95 Theses. In Europe and America it still continues to battle for an accepted place in world religions. For more than 600 years, the religion does not seek to find common ground with Catholicism with its distinct beliefs. It is likely to continue the fight until the end of human history.


The Origins of Protestantism

Protestantism today is one of the 3 major branches of Christianity alongside others such as the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodoxy. Protestantism is known to share all core beliefs in the doctrine of the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus, the Son of God and the necessity to save all humankind from the consequences of sin.

Christianity shares an expansive doctrine, rituals and religious practices which transcends individuality. Although known as a less denomination rather than a general branch of Christianity, it encompasses various denominations and a wide theological spectrum that ranges from conservative to liberal.

What is the Origin of Protestantism .

The word Protestantism is believed to have first appeared around 1529 at the Diet of Speyer. This is when the Roman Catholic emperor of Germany, Charles V decided to rescind the provision of the Diet of Speyer that allowed every ruler to pick the right to administer the Edict of Worms.

In April 1529, 14 free cities of Germany and 6 Lutheran princes protested against the decision that had been read to them. They declared that the decision made by the Roman Catholic emperor didn’t bind them since they were not a party to it.

They saw the decision as a way of forcing them to choose the obedience to God and obedience to Caesar. They finally decided to seek the general council of all Christendom or to a synod that bound the whole German nation.

The group that made the protest became known by the opponents as protestants and therefore this eventually led the term to be applied to the tenets of Reformation. The name protestant became attached to several groups even Martin Luther’s between the years of 1483 to 1546.

The reformation is known to be a 16th century religious, political, intellectual and cultural upheaval that led to the separation of Catholic Europe.This led to the set up of structures and beliefs which would finally define the continent during the modern era.

The reformers included Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry VIII. The three and others challenged the papal authority and questioned the Catholic church ability to lead and continue defining Christian practice. The reformers argued that for religious and political reasons, it was important to redistribute power among pastors and princes. This led to wars, persecutions and counter reformation, which was the Catholic’s church way for delaying reformation and rejecting Protestantism.

Around 16th century, the Protestants were referred by two great schools of thoughts which arose during the process of Reformation. These were the Lutheran and the Reformed that had their roots in England. Early 17th century, the word Protestantism was used to denote orthodox protestants as opposed to the many who were referred by Anglicans as unorthodox.

When it comes to the Roman Catholic church, they use the word to refer to all those Christians who are opposed to Catholicism except the Eastern Churches. This includes the Baptists, the quakers and the Anglicans.

Who is Martin Luther?

martin Luther

Martin Luther was born in 1483 and was interred in 1546. He was an Augustinian monk and a university lecturer in Wittenberg. Martin composed the 95 theses which was a protest to the Pope for the sale of reprieves from penance or indulges.Although the monk hoped to create a sense of renewal in the Catholic church leadership, instead the monk was summoned before the Diet of Worms and finally excommunicated.

When reformation begun, the monk was among its strongest supporters and led to the formation of Lutheranism which became a state religion in Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltics.

In conclusion, Protestantism is a movement that began in early 16th century in Northern Europe. This was because of a protest against Roman Catholic doctrines and practices which many of the reformers such as Martin Luther felt were unfair and misleading